Ruth Lohmeyer

Counseling Center Team Leader
Lincoln Northeast High School

Expert: Ruth Lomeyer

Ruth E. Lohmeyer is School and Career Counselor at The Career Academy, a joint venture between Lincoln Public Schools and Southeast Community College where high school juniors and seniors spend 2 hours of their high school day enrolled in dual credit classes in one of 20 career pathways.

Ruth teaches college and career readiness skills in addition to helping each student in their post secondary planning. She works with high school counselors for ten area high schools in assuring students not only graduate from high school but graduate with confidence in their future training and employment.

Prior to working in Lincoln, she was a high school counselor in Columbia, Missouri, where she also coordinated the School-To-Work program with the local Chamber of Commerce. Lohmeyer has held various positions in higher education, working as a Career Planning Counselor at the University of Missouri, the Director of Counseling and Career Services at Concordia University, and an Admissions Representative at St. John’s College.

An avid runner, she has participated in 10 marathons, including the Boston Marathon.