Mary Carskadon

Professor / Director
Brown University

Expert: Mary Carskadon

Dr. Carskadon is an authority on adolescent sleep. Her research has raised public awareness about the consequences of insufficient sleep in adolescents and has influenced education policy, prompting many school districts to delay school start times for teens.

Carskadon’s past research examined sleep and circadian rhythms bioregulatory processes in adolescents and the influence of parental alcohol use history on sleep and circadian rhythms of youth.

Her current research examines the role of sleep for first-year college students in terms of depressed mood, alcohol use, weight gain, mental health, and other outcomes. Studies of middle school-aged youth include a lab-based exploration of how circadian rhythms and sleep timing affect food intake, odor sensitivity, and taste perception. A field study is exploring whether changes in lighting at school can alter circadian timing and sleep patterns for 6th graders.

Dr. Carskadon is a distinguished alumna of Gettysburg College with a doctorate in neuro- and bio-behavioral sciences from Stanford University. She has received awards from national organizations recognizing her scientific, educational, and public policy contributions. She is an elected Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science and of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. 

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