Leanna Gowens Baker

Retired Teacher
Council of Presidential Awardees in Mathematics

Expert: Leanna Baker

Leanna Gowens Baker is a retired elementary teacher. She currenlty presents Math Festivals to schools PK-6 providing hands-on problem solving tasks to students and families.

Baker led teachers within the district, served on various district committees, and was responsible for organizing math nights for students and families. She also led training sessions for teachers through WestEd Educational Laboratory. Those projects include Math Case Discussions for teachers and Math Pathways and Pitfalls for students, which helps all students including English learners deepen their understanding of mathematics and vocabulary.

Baker has won a variety of awards including District Teacher of the Year, Mervyn's Teacher of the Year, and the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. She is a member of California Mathematics Council, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics.