Lanette Waddell

Assistant Professor of the Practice
Vanderbilt University

Expert: Lanette Waddell

Dr. Lanette Waddell has been in public education for more 20 years.

She holds certifications in elementary education in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, mathematics teacher grades 7 – 12 in NJ, and Principal K- 12 in PA and NJ. She was a 2000 New Jersey state finalist for the Presidential Award for the Excellence for Math and Science Teaching, as well as a 2000 Master Teacher for Channel Thirteen National Teacher Training Institute in New York. Currently, she is an assistant professor of the practice in the Teaching and Learning-Math Education Department and the director of the Teaching and Learning in Urban Schools program at Peabody College/Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN. Her work and research interests include the impact of culturally relevant pedagogies on teaching practices in mathematics and the implementation and evaluation of a positive relational coaching model to support and retain urban middle school teachers.

Related Work
How Do We Learn? African American Elementary Students Learning Reform Mathematics in Urban Classrooms by Lanette R. Waddell, Journal of Urban Mathematics Education, volume 3, no. 2, 2010