Jennifer Miller

Family and Educational Consultant, Expert in Social and Emotional Learning
Jennifer Miller Consulting, L.L.C.

Expert: Jennifer Miller

For twenty years, Jennifer Miller has worked with educators and families to help them become more effective with children through social and emotional learning.

She is author and illustrator of the blog Confident Parents, Confident Kids with 22,000+ followers and writes for numerous publications. She has contributed to two books, Smart Parents, Parenting for Powerful Learning and Building Powerful Learning Environments from Schools to Communities. She serves on the Advisory Committee of the Tauck Family Foundation. She does coaching, consultation, and workshops in Ohio and nationally.

Past roles were with the Ohio Department of Education, the Collaborative for Academic, Social and Emotional Learning, the Center for Peace Education and the Corporation for National and Community Service. She has her master’s degree in Instructional Leadership with a focus on social and emotional development and lives with her husband and nine-year-old son in Columbus, Ohio.

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