Samia A.

Youth Advisor: Samia Ali

Samia A. is a senior at University Prep located in Seattle, Washington. During her time in high school, she has participated in Mock Trial, Model UN, Multicultural Student Alliances, and is a part of the Honor Board.

She has also spent time outside of school tutoring low-income east African students and working in the hospital as a health scholar intern. She also manages to work and attend Arabic classes during the weekend. In fall, she will be attending the University of Washington on a full ride.

Samia considers herself to be a very persistent person. Her long-term goal is to become a Neurosurgeon. But until she reaches that goal, she plans to do everything she can to speak upon health issues and health awareness. On top of volunteering her time at Swedish Hospital, she also focused her senior project on mental health awareness in the Somali community. This project was just one example of her passion in advocating health in communities.

She says, “It’s very easy to say that I want to be a doctor. But what most people do not understand is that I want to be a doctor for one main reason. Representation. I hardly see black, Muslim, women, be in these types of positions. To be honest, it’s not fair. I want to show people, more specifically young black Muslim girls, that regardless of what the media says, they can and will do great things in this world."

By Samia A.