Lexie R.

Youth Advisor: Lexie Ruckman

Lexie graduated Summa Cum Laude May 2017 from Nicholas County High School, which is located in the mountains of West Virginia. Alexandra is also a member of Harvard’s Making Caring Common Youth Advisory Board and president of both the High Rocks Youth Advisory Board and the NCHS Youth Leadership Association. She has also volunteered with Habitat for Humanity on an alternative spring break trip and is a junior counselor for High Rocks Educational Corporation. Pianist, dreamer, and doer, this woman has an incredible drive to conquer any feat she desires.

Resiliency and compassion are two words that describe Alexandra perfectly. She will battle through whatever situation is thrown at her all the while holding her compassion for what she believes in close to her heart. This has led to her having an insatiable desire to lead and help others. Aspiring to be the change that she wants to see in the world is at the top of her priorities, and she belongs with tomorrow’s leaders today.

By Lexie R.