Fatimata C.

Youth Expert: Fatimata C

Fatimata is a junior in high school. She is a member of Harvard University’s Making Caring Common Youth Advisory Board. Collaborating with 25 other students from across the country, the board works together to create projects that promote positivity and inclusiveness in school environments. Since 2015, she has been a member of the Junior Academy that works alongside The New York Academy of the Sciences to help build the world’s next leaders. Every year, students from around the globe work on a virtual platform to solve some of the world’s greatest problems which align with UN Sustainable development goals set for 2030. She is also Community Service club President of her school, as well as Diversity Club President. She helps to engage her school along with some of her peers in discussion involving diversity and inclusion. She was also chosen among many applicants to become a delegate to the United Nations at their winter Youth Assembly. At a very young age Fatimata realized the importance of social justices because she often found herself being a victim of bullying and racial discrimination.

Fatimata is also an avid reader and writer. On her free time she writes poetry and shares it with her peers. She also is blogger. She writes for the blog Muslim Youth Musings and MissHeard Media. Both of these blogs are used to engage her peers in discussion revolving around being a young muslim teen and being a girl in America. Fatimata is also the recipient of the THE SAMUEL ROBINSON II COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD for the many hours she contributes to community service on her free time. Fatimata is compassionate and has commitment to concrete betterment of the people that surround her.

Fatimata is also the founder of her own organization called Leaders of the Future. She created this organization in hopes of giving a place where young teens from around the country can brainstorm and create discussion around climate change. Fatimata is a firm believer that if we can create spaces where teens are allowed to discuss some of the world’s problems that we are creating the leaders of today.