How to Teach Kids About Love

As parents, it’s our job to prepare kids for life and all that comes with it. And we do that in many ways; academically, socially, and financially. But what about love? Research from Harvard’s Making Caring Common project suggests that many teens and young adults are unprepared for romantic relationships. But the good news is they want to talk to their parents about this topic. From relationship basics and confidence, to gender stereotypes and consent, these videos have tips for starting—and continuing—the conversation. Thanks to our experts Richard Weissbourd, Dr. Michele Borba, Laura Tierney, Michelle Icard, and Ana Homayoun for their tips. And a special thanks to NBC News medical correspondent Dr. John Torres for voicing this series.


How to Deal with Teen Dating and Technology

You might remember early dating by passing notes and talking on the landline, but for your kid, that’s replaced with Snapchat and texting. That’s not necessarily bad, as long as you’re talking to teens about healthy use of technology. Here’s where to you start.

Videos In This Series