Ellie Hirsch

Founder and President
Mommy Masters

Expert: Ellie Hirsch

Ellie Hirsch is the lucky mom of three amazing boys who inspire her every day. Having children motivated Ellie to form Mommy Masters® in 2010 to help parents create flourishing family environments. She has always provided unique parenting tips, tricks and tools, along with emotional support, reassurance and confidence in overall parental decision-making.

She is a published author, award-winning blogger, parenting news contributor, brand ambassador and social media influencer. Her parenting expertise and platform has helped millions of families and businesses thrive.

Ellie's music, a Parents' Choice Award winner titled, "Music is Magical, Children's Songs with Ellie", touches upon important topics families experience, such as potty training, the first day of school, manners, cleaning up and more. It is a wonderful tool for parents and educators to reach and teach children.

Ellie's brand has grown tremendously to include all the tools parents need to master it all. Ellie knows it takes a village and wanted to create a bigger village for parents around the world.

She recently partnered with experts from around the globe and has added Parent U Up, Pet U Up, Biz U Up and The Persuasive Lion under the Mommy Masters umbrella. Mommy Masters is now a complete village to gaining life success.

She is helping human and pet parents eliminate their frustrations while teaching them to recognize their triumphs, focusing on work/life integration and taking small business owners, including Mom/Dadpreneurs to the next level, providing web development, coaching and social media and marketing services.

Ellie always preaches the power of humor and philanthropy as an essential ingredient for any of life’s many recipes.

To learn more, visit http://www.mommymasters.com/.


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