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Amy Freeman

Women in Engineering ProActive Network

Panelist: Amy Freeman

Amy Freeman is the President of WEPAN, (the Women in Engineering ProActive Network). WEPAN is the leading champion in North America for leveraging research and best practices to propel the inclusion of women in STEM fields. She is currently the Chief Diversity Officer and Associate Provost at Tufts University. Amy Freeman has been an advocate for educational access and support in many capacities. As an educator, Dr. Freeman has served at several educational institutions as an advocate for women and other marginalized populations. Her research area is in engineering education and focuses on finding models that will yield higher retention and graduation rates in STEM fields. She is also a past president of the National Association of Multicultural Engineering Program Advocates (NAMEPA).

Dr. Freeman has served in several roles as an educator including the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education directing retention programs for Bloomsburg University and Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. During that time, she developed a wide range of programming for students who identified as underrepresented, international, women, or transgendered. At the Pennsylvania State University, she provided direction in the College of Engineering for recruitment and retention of students who were women, first generation college students, racially underrepresented, or from lower socio-economic groups. At Tufts University, she is providing institutional direction and strategy for effective inclusion of all those in the academic community. She is a strong advocate for engaged scholarship and new models for learning. Internationally, she has participated in educational projects with researchers, students and community members in Korea, Tanzania, Kenya, Mexico, Spain and, Peru. She has written, published and presented research findings at several national conferences. All of this activity has made her cognizant of the common work-life balance issues of professionals, especially women. Her thoughts about this are reflected in the book, “Stress Less: 10 Balancing Insights on Work and Life.” Dr. Freeman holds a Master of Science degree in Architectural Engineering, and a Ph.D. in Workforce Education and Development from Penn State.

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