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School bus driver builds wheelchair ramp for 10-year-old girl on his route

TODAY | Feb 17, 2017

school bus drivers Courtesy of Thomas and Jennifer Mitchell

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TODAY Feb 17, 2017

Thomas Mitchell put a little extra effort into his job recently. Mitchell is a school bus mechanic in Clarksville, Tennessee who occasionally drives the buses. He just so happened to be driving on his route one day when he saw Verna DeSpain struggling to get her 10-year-old daughter, Lydia’s wheelchair down a metal ramp. Mitchell thought he could help with his technical expertise so he partnered with some of his friends, got some free supplies from Lowe’s, and built Lydia a new ramp in one day!

Ms. DeSpain couldn’t believe that someone would do something so nice for her and her daughter. “You know, I wasn’t expecting anyone to just call and volunteer to do that,” DeSpain told TODAY. “After we got off the phone, I was so happy I was just crying happy tears.” Although Lydia is non-verbal, her mother says that she was excited about her new ramp!  

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