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Rapping Teacher Turns Social Studies Lessons Into Songs

NBC News | Mar 16, 2017

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Mar 16, 2017

Getting through social studies class can be quite the drag for some students. That’s why 31 year-old David Yancey, a teacher for eight years at Edwards Middle School in Atlanta, Georgia decided to switch things up by turning his lessons into songs!

"Students have always hated social studies since the dawn of time," Yancey told NBC News in an email. "I realized that students almost choose to be disconnected from the material. In an attempt to bridge the gap, I chose to ask my mentoring group 'What songs are in right now?'"

The Conyers, Georgia, teacher said — once the group stopped laughing — they told him about a song with a hook that goes, "about a week ago."

"In an attempt to drive home the material, I changed the lyrics from 'about a week ago' to 'about a month ago,'" Yancey said.

"I also made 'I'm Coach Yancey' the same night based on Iggy [Azeala]'s 'I'm so Fancy.'" But it's not all hip-hop: The teacher's repertoire also includes a version of Adele's "Hello," entitled "Hello from the Cherokee." 

Yancey's eighth-grade students have responded overwhelmingly positively to his social study raps, which he gives at the end of a unit in order to help his students retain the information from the lesson, he said.

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