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Bon Crowder

Math Teacher and Blogger

Bon Crowder is a Math Mom, Education Advocate, and Professor of Math at Houston Community College. She teaches math at HCC using positive math talk, and encourages others to do the same in their daily lives to improve how everyone approaches math. Crowder has taught and tutored math to over 15,000 children and adults in living rooms, classrooms, and conferences. She publishes the site to help teachers and parents confidently and creatively support children in math. She is co-creator of THAT'S MATH!, a site that helps parents talk real-world math with their kids. Crowder has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, and has appeared on, Great Day Houston,, and Women in Business Radio. She has also hosted numerous seminars and webinars and emceed large conferences.

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Tips For Parents

These tips for parents offer advice and suggestions for activities designed to help you help your child learn. From such basic advice as reminders of the importance of reading regularly to your young child to suggestions for how to help your high schooler find math resources online, these tips provide a range of ideas for ways in which you can be a more active partner in your child’s education.

7 Ways to Integrate Math into the Holidays

Dec 17, 2013

Math expert Bon Crowder has plenty of ideas for how to incorporate math into the holiday traditions. Some of her suggestions are aimed at younger children while others are more appropriate for middle schoolers.

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