Use the checklist below to prepare for your next parent-teacher conference and to make sure it was productive after the meeting.
Before the Meeting
After the Meeting
    • I have signed up for a time and location for the meeting

    • I have checked and know my child’s grades and relevant test scores

    • I have checked and know my child’s grades and relevant test scores

    • I have asked my child if there are any questions she would like me to ask the teacher

    • I have thought about if there are issues at home I should mention to the teacher

    • I have talked with my spouse, partner, or other guardians for their insight into what we should be prepared to talk about or ask the teacher

    • I have set up a way for spouse, partner, or other parent to dial-in or Skype if they can’t attend in person

    • I know what I want to discuss with the teacher

    • I have written a list of questions to bring up with teacher and have prioritized them so I can make sure to get the most important question answered in case we run out of time

    • I have a way to take notes during conference (pen and paper, or tablet, etc.)

    • I know the best way to reach my child’s teacher going forward – email, phone, or additional meetings

    • I know the areas my child is having problems and ways I can help at home

    • I know areas and subjects my child is excelling and ways I can encourage this development at home

    • I feel I left an impression with the teacher that I am engaged and interested in my child’s education and I am eager to continue the communication going forward

    • I have discussed the meeting with my child and addressed any concerns or praise

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Take Notes

Enter your notes in the space below, then print out and take to your parent-teacher conference.

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