How to Tap into Your Middle Schooler's Brain

Let’s be honest – middle schoolers get a bad rap. But why? It turns out, their brains are actually growing faster than any other time in their lives, other than infancy, leading to a lot questionable decisions—but also a lot of potential. Experts Michelle Icard, Judy Willis, Laura Tierney, Natasha Burgert, Tim Coleman and Ahna Suleiman weighed in to give us an inside look at just what goes on in the brain during this time – and how we, as parents, can help navigate all of the changes and developments. Special thanks to NBC News education correspondent Rehema Ellis for voicing this series.


The Middle School Brain While Learning

Sometimes, it can feel like middle schoolers aren’t using their brains, but in reality, they’re just preparing to use them more effectively. These brain developments create a perfect storm of opportunities to learn. Here’s how you can tap into your tween’s interests and optimize their potential.

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