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Parent Toolkit is a one-stop resource developed with parents in mind. It’s produced by NBC News Learn and supported by Pearson and includes information about almost every aspect of your child’s development, because they're all connected. Healthy, successful children can excel in many areas – in the classroom, on the court, and in their relationships with peers and adults. Our advice also covers important topics for navigating life after high school.

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Just like parenting, we couldn’t do all of this alone. We worked with a number of experts to produce all the advice, guides, and benchmarks. Parent Toolkit experts are an invaluable part of the Parent Toolkit community.

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The Parent Toolkit team is committed to building a community of parents, teachers, and experts where ideas and tips are shared regularly. Using the hashtag #ToolkitTalk, our monthly Twitter chats feature one topic or issue and bring together experts and other community members to offer their insights.

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Youth Advisors

For the Life After High School section, we consulted not only our experts, but wanted to hear from youth as well. Their opinions and insights about their hopes for the future and their relationships with their parents have guided, and will continue to guide, the information we share with parents and young adults. Special thanks to Harvard’s Making Caring Common for putting us in touch with these students. 

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Parent Toolkit App

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The Parent Toolkit App is designed to help you navigate your child’s growth and development from Pre-K through 12th grade in the classroom and beyond. For each grade, the app offers benchmarks to see what your child will be learning in school, and recommendations for diet, sleep and physical activity. The grade-by-grade tips work into your everyday schedule to support what your child is learning and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Choose whether you want to browse through academic or health and wellness benchmarks and tips. The academic information will help you ensure your child is on the path to success. It also provides helpful advice on homework, parent-teacher conferences and supporting learning at home. In the health and wellness section, you’ll find tips on encouraging physical activity, eating a well-balanced diet, and ways to make sure your child gets enough sleep.

Set priorities for you and your child to come back to using The Parent Toolkit App. A priority is an item that you mark as important to your child’s development. It can be something you want to review later, or a tip you want to remember to try. Use the “+” button to mark items as priorities and create a list for review later. You can then mark items as completed once you’ve accomplished your goals. You can also share helpful information and tips throughout the app with family, friends, and more using social networks or email.